Same Day Mole Pest Control in Lancashire from DB Pest Control Services – for homes, business and public spaces suffering damage and at risk to mole damage.

Moles can cause consider damage to lawned areas, fields, plants and flower beds. If you need mole pest control services in Lancashire, we want to hear from you.

Our Mole Pest Control Service

Fast-Acting Mole Pest Control in Lancashire

With their ability to create complex tunnel networks, roots of plants can be damaged, whilst stones can be unearthed, damaging machinery. 

Whether at your home, or parks, public gardens, golf course, cricket ground, the presence of moles can be problematic – and costly. 

Whilst a small number of molehills may be tolerable, if you want to professionally remove moles, understanding how they behave is crucial to removing them – which is where experienced team prove their value. 

If you would like to find out more about our targeted mole pest control services in Lancashire, either call us, or scroll to the bottom of the page and request a call back. 

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Rapid Response

If you have an issue with moles anywhere in Lancashire, we can be with you in no time – often within hours.

Qualified Technicians

All our pest control technicians are BPCA Level 1 & 2 qualified and we are members of the NPTA.


Discreet Service

All our technicians use unmarked vehicles – helping to ensure as minimum fuss as possible.

Fixed Rates - No Hidden Fees

With our mole pest control, the price we quote is for full treatment, not per visit – giving you the best rates – no hidden costs.

Evenings & Weekends

Having Pest problems isn’t a 9-5 issue. If evenings or weekends suit you better, then we are available for call-outs.


Safe & Humane Treatments

Whilst we focus on prevention wherever possible, any treatments we do use are swift acting and safe to the environment.


What People Are Saying

First class service on our business and home. Very thorough and professional. Had no more problems since I have been using this business I seriously cannot recommend them enough . Thank you so much to all your team.”

Susan T.

“We had a technician come round within 24 hours to treat the house, and also gave us advice on how to prevent another infestation in future. We haven’t had any further problems since their visit.”

Tilly M.

Superb service yet again! I have used this company a few times now and they have always delivered with great service and always got the job done! I would definitely recommend to all looking for a local pest controller!

Lucy N.

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